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To book me for a buffet for any event such as a wedding, birthday party, conference or disco, contact me for an immediate quotation.

If available, I will supervise the serving of the buffet myself, describe all the dishes on the buffet table and help in any other way possible to ensure the success of the occasion.

Please contact me any time for friendly advice on your next celebration and I will be happy to suggest a menu and give you a quote.

I am happy to provide food for people with special diets: Vegan, gluten free, etc. There is a special dinner party menu in my latest book for people who are allergic to onions, garlic, leeks and chives.

Cost is usually on a per head basis dependent upon the numbers involved. An immediate quote can be obtained by phone or e-mail. The price includes the provision of the best quality disposable plates and cutlery.

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